The establishment of The Judicial Studies and Research Center of the State Council:

The Judicial Studies and Research Center of the State Council (JSRCSC) is an Egyptian judicial authority under the Judicial Department of Egyptian State Council (ESC). It was established by President of the State Council Decree No. 607 of 2010 issued on 1/1/2011.

It is operated under direct supervision of the President of the State Council and membership of four of the oldest Vice Presidents , the secretary general, director of the Center, and other Judges of expertise selected by President of the State Council.


Since its initiation, the JSRCSC has consistently covered the fields of research, cultural and intellectual exchange, along with training activities, panel discussion meetings, and the holding of specialized conferences and seminars.

The (JSRCSC) Duties:

As the JSRCSC is an Egyptian Judicial authority, concerned, inter alia, with coordinating and holding the following:

  • training for ESC members
  • short training courses on important legal disciplines in collaboration with other jurisdictions
  • communicate with the Councils of State of other jurisdictions to exchange views and expertise on important legal matters of relevance
  • conferences on relevant important topics and laws pertaining to the State on local and/or international level
  • seminars, panel discussions and workshops to discuss important cases and topics.

JSRCSC also administers the legal database (library) of the ESC. Said library includes in addition to up-to-date jurisprudence, inter alia, of rare and/or historical transcripts and documents in addition to periodicals and legal magazines (Official Gazette, Egyptian Facts Gazette, legal newsletter, and other periodicals and legal magazines that are issued in both Arabic and French languages), in addition to executive regulations and bylaws on the legal systems of different jurisdictions including, without limitation, Arab Countries.